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After a short stint in the advertising industry, then to free myself from it, a long stay among Native American communities (Canada, USA, Guatemala), before living on the streets with young hobos in Victoria, Canada ( Shooting Stars Need Darkness series), I am attentive to alienating forces, whether political, social, economic or technological, that can be exerted on individuals.

It is out of reaction, and out of the need to set myself free, that I have developed several long-term projects where I am interested in the will of men to create spaces of emancipation. With Soleils Intimes, I document the singularity of the bodily expression of the Cuban people. In Marseille, through the series Bleu Infini, I give to feel the act of confrontation with the marine elements, by which groups of young people found their initiation rituals and wash themselves of digital concreteness. Finally in California, I report on a land of promise and disenchantment for Europeans in search of financial freedom (Green Rush series).

Thus, in these movements is based my photographic act, it is part of a need to commune with the other and with nature. Alive, I embrace the sensitive dimension of the world and reveal its sensuality.


2018 – Fisheye gallery, Paris
2018 – Green Hill gallery, Berlin
2015 – Etemad gallery, Tehran
2013 – Yavuz gallery, Singapore
2013 – Wonderwall gallery, Delhi



2018 – Fisheye gallery, Paris
2018 – Fisheye gallery, Paris